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Standing up in front of an audience of people and talking is something that scares a lot of people, but not me. All too often a presentation or talk on a historical subject can lose the audience, purely because it isn’t presented in an engaging and relevant manner.

In fact, the number of occasions when at University that the lecturer lost his audience was quite remarkable. The students were there because we were interested in the subject matter, and we still found it hard going!

History can be interesting, engaging and relevant, and it doesn’t have to be rammed full of dates and names. It is also essential to understand the present. Every time we talk about something that has happened, that is our own personal history.

Having stood up in front of classes of students from 11-18, I know how to engage an audience with my subject matter, even if my own lecturers and teachers didn’t. A transcript of my recent talk at the Nairn Book and Arts Festival, launching my own “Fortress Scotland” series is available on request.

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